Manufacturer Inquiry

American Worldwide is an online retailer that focuses exclusively on premium American manufactured beauty, baby, bath and bedding products.   We recognize that there have been exceptional American made natural and organic products created in the last 20 years, some with even longer legacies.  But for many of these American manufacturers the complexities and costs have been prohibitive to target international expansion into the Asia Pacific markets on their own.  American Worldwide offers a complete risk-free service to bring these premium American products to Asia Pacific markets, to support American manufacturing and expand the knowledge of natural and organic products with Asian consumers.

If you’re an American product manufacturer looking to expand your retail distribution reach beyond North American markets, we’re here to help.   American Worldwide leverages a pure cross-border online sales model that is extremely cost effective, and handles local customer service and online payment processing for a very efficient model compared to traditional brick and mortar routes to international expansion.  We provide the e-Commerce store front in local language, local marketing, mobile and social media expertise to grow brand and product awareness, and ultimately build a strong demand for desirable American products to introduce and expand retail sales in the Asia Pacific region.   We only sell through our own premium branded store fronts, and do not participate in 3rd party marketplaces that would not represent the quality and brand image of our business.  American Worldwide strives to be recognized as the trusted source for genuine American manufactured natural and organic products.

To contact us about retailing your product or for additional company information please send a message to

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